#MyLifeline: Part 1- Hope Keeps Alive

#MyLifeline [Part – I: Hope Keeps Alive], starts with Nishaan and his best buddy Varun’s academic journey, their educational challenges, their many limitations due to their poor financial background, between all, Nishaan’s selfless motivation and help to face real-life challenges. He realizes real values of his family, friends and relatives, during his project work in USA all alone. His further life journey and eventually his destiny met the most beautiful, gorgeous, soft-hearted girl Shikha, where his life changed. Will Nishaan’s selfless help to his best buddy Varun enough to crack the Interviews? Will Nishaan able to help his family financially? Will Nishaan find his long parted destiny again? Will destiny keep them together or apart?

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The book tells the story of Nishaan—a kind, humble and selfless young man who is starting his journey from college to the corporate world. Accompanied by friends on his new life’s journey and finally meeting Shikha, a sweet, soft-spoken and softhearted girl, Nishaan confronts the challenges of life with determination and support that comes from those people around him.

“Failure is a part of everyone’s life but very few people actually comes out of it,” Sevak points out. “They remain depressed and demotivated all the time where sometimes, they lose their faith on their well-wishers, on god and always feels alone which leads them to the wrong step. Thus this novel, helps them to realize their failure, realize its associated pain, learn to be positive and tackle their heavy depression to see what this beautiful world has to offer.”


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