#MyLifeline: Part 1- Hope Keeps Alive

#MyLifeline [Part – I: Hope Keeps Alive], starts with Nishaan and his best buddy Varun’s academic journey, their educational challenges, their many limitations due to their poor financial background, between all, Nishaan’s selfless motivation and help to face real-life challenges. He realizes real values of his family, friends and relatives, during his project work in USA all alone. His further life journey and eventually his destiny met the most beautiful, gorgeous, soft-hearted girl Shikha, where his life changed. Will Nishaan’s selfless help to his best buddy Varun enough to crack the Interviews? Will Nishaan able to help his family financially? Will Nishaan find his long parted destiny again? Will destiny keep them together or apart? Partridge Flipkart

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#Mylifeline: Part II – Roller-Coaster Nightmare’s

#MyLifeline [Part – II: Roller-Coaster Nightmare’s], take the reader to the enthralling roller-coaster with lots of ups and downs of the emotions, which everyone must have felt in their daily personal life. Shikha became the only and utmost priority to his life but their relationship getting shaky. Tremendous challenges in his professional life made Nishaan’s sleepless nights. His fate gave him a hard time, when his management asked him to look for another job! Not over yet, his father met with a heart-attack. Will Nishaan find a new job? Will Nishaan able to balance his love life? Will Nishaan’s father be saved? NotionPress Flipkart

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#MyLifeline Part: III- Being Self-Motivated

#MyLifeline [Part – III: Being Self-Motivated], ride through unknowing spices in their relationship. His multiple efforts were not just getting enough to sustain their journey. Heavy depression for Nishaan on his way! But then one spark, his positive courses, his continuous spiritual, motivational and positive activities, took him out of danger, out of that heavy depression. His journey to become Motivational writer,speaker, and counselor, who has solved many youngster’s life such challenges. His regular visit to orphanages, old age homes and helping poor and needy people’s, made his life most beautiful and towards Self-Motivation. Has Nishaan find a better way of living? Has he really fought and won his fear and depression? Is that the true self-motivation one must search for? NotionPress Flipkart

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#The Rise Of A Soldier – Inspired by true events

#The Rise Of A Soldier  inspired by true events, unravel the marvelous journey of a young boy from unimaginable national terror outfits background to become a patriotic national security Army soldier.‘Rahmat Ali’, a PoK resident, was unknowingly dragged into his father’s footsteps on all the anti-national and terror activities since childhood. He was also made involved in the execution of one of the deadliest inhuman sinful acts, which led the celebration in their unholy dynasty but weeping tears bathing in blood at many places in the Indian Territory. One of the darkest nights was faced by Indian democracy! Read further to unfold all the mysteries!

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Survival | An Inspiring Thriller

#Staying in the same city, but unknown to each other, ‘Abhi’ was counting the last few pregnancy days of his wife ‘Priya’, while ‘Shaurya’ was passing college’s last graduation year with his friends.
But one horrible morning took their lives into a miserable nightmare, as Priya got a sudden, heavier labor pain, which leads Abhi to take his car long way to the hospital. Luckily, he was on his paternity leave at home. On the other side, Shaurya just left his home towards his college, for his final year graduation written exam and . . . banged.
Abhi’s car got hit by a big stone from those huge group of rioters, while Shaurya was unable to find any public transport where he too got badly struck on his head by few rioters.
Everyone’s life stuck in the deadliest curfew. Their breath was at a standstill.
Will Abhi and Shaurya find some way? Will they get any help? Will they come out from the scariest nightmare? Will they able to reach their destiny? Will their righteous karma defeat fate?
Read further to unfold all the mysteries! Flipkart

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Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

He is a lead event planner & organizer, event host/anchor and social entrepreneur of every event amongst his friends, relatives, and family, in college as well as in corporate world. He likes to explore everything, all the aspects and every part of this world. He loves to travel, love sports, music, loves to be a good listener of all the positive vibes surrounded. He loves to spend his time with new peoples, and by his motivational, selfless words, thoughts, and acts, he loves to help and support every individual around the corner and motivate them during their tough times.